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     The person of the said name turned their head, looking at the Italian country. [Name] saw that Italy had widened hazel eyes that stared at the body she was standing in front of. [Name] gave out a sickly smile, twirling the knife in hand behind her back. "Something wrong, Italy?" she asked innocently, changing her smile to a similar one like Russia's. She stopped twirling the knife, the tip of it pointing down at the body. 
     Feliciano moved his widened gaze to her, and saw that there was blood on her dark uniform. The red sticky liquid was mostly seen in her hands, where there was the most blood. Italy saw the blade stop turning, once a shiny silver to a decorated red blade. Feliciano pushed himself forward, darting past [Name]. He headed towards the body. 
     Fear coursed throughout the Italian as he shook the body. The person's hair just swayed weightlessly side to side. Italy began to tear up, seeing that he wasn't moving. The grip on the dark green uniform tightened, and salty tears dropped on it. 
     "G-Germany! Are you okay?! Germany!" 
     Ludwig didn't respond, only blood leaked out of his fatal stab wounds, located at the chest. Italy moved his head towards Germany's chest, checking if there was any beat. 
     There was a faint one, slowing down minute by minute. The German's icy-blue faded eyes moved towards Italy, and a smile played slightly on his pale face. "I-Italy? Are you there?" he asked with a faint voice. 
     "Si! I am!" Feliciano cried as he grabbed Germany's hand and placed it on his own face. The blood stuck on Italy's face, but he was only slightly fazed by it. 
     "Oh, gut. . . I can't really see anymore. I'm sorry."
     Italy's eyes widened, and his eyes moved to the German's. Sure enough, the strong ice blue was now faded, with a few tears in them. "W-what?!" Feliciano exclaimed. N-no, he cant be. . .
     "I'm about to go," Ludwig said softly. He gripped Italy's hand even tighter, and more tears rolled down on both faces. [Name] just stared quietly at the scene, with a devious smile on her face. 
     Germany turned his head, and chuckled a little. "I'm sorry for shouting at you during those times, Italy. 
     "I really care about you."
     "N-no!" Italy shouted halfheartedly. He began to rip off pieces of cloth from his blue uniform, and proceeded to press it against the wounds. "D-don't talk! You're going to be okay!"
     "Don't lie," Ludwig murmured. "I could feel my time already." Ludwig moved his hand towards the one that was trying to stop the wound, and grabbed it softly. He moved it away from him. 
     Italy sobbed, and watched helplessly. "I-I'm sorry for being a, a lazy person G-Germany," he cried as he wiped his tears away. 
     Ludwig chuckled. "Don't be. T-that's how Italian's are right?" 
     Germany's eyes began to close. Breathing became shallow, and it hurt to even breath anymore. He was a strong country, killed by another. Representations don't usually die, but if they die by another country's hands, it is certain for their life to be ended. Italy hugged his fallen comrade, and wailed loudly. 
     "You were a good freund. 
     "Ciao, Italien."
     "NO! GERMANY!" Italy screamed. He shook the body, which became limp in his hands. Gloved hands fell from his, and faded icy-blue eyes closed peacefully. "Come back! Germania, si prega di rimanere in vita! (Germany, please stay alive!)"
     "Italy, come on you have to eat."
     "No," Italy grumbled. He brought his knees up to his chin, and buried his head into it. 
     Germany's death affected him. His life, it went downhill then. [Name], oh [Name]. She locked him in her house, her and Italy only. No one else was allowed. She tried to get Italy to eat, but he would always turn down the food with the same two letters. It irritated her even more, seeing Feliciano like this.
     "Fine, no food," she said in defeat. [Name] threw the plate of food behind her, and the sound of shattering glass sounded. The pieces porcelain china flew everywhere, but [Name] ignored it. She instead sat in front of Italy's cell, and looked at him with a soft smile. "Can you smile for me, Italy? You haven't smiled for a while."
     Italy only responded with a small sob, and [Name]'s smile turned into a frown. "I said," she growled, with a lower and dangerous tone. "Can you smile for me?"
     No response.
     [Name] slammed the bars, and it shook violently. She looked at Italy darkly. [Name] wanted that smile badly. The one that he always gave out every second, the one that the other countries would get irritated by. Except her, she thought it was the cutest thing ever. 
     So cute, she would strangle it out of him. The smile she haven't seen in months, and it was tempting to force it out of him. To bring her hand to his throat, tightening her grip slowly. Hearing his pained coughs and choking sounds until he decided to smile. "Smile for me!" she shouted darkly and saw Italy flinch. 
     Italy scooted farther away from the bars, closer to the darkened corner. [Name]'s eyes narrowed, and she growled deeply. "I don't want to smile," Italy murmured. [Name] frowned, and let go of the cold bars, which were now slightly bent. She then walked closer to the locked door. 
     "Tch," she sounded. "And why is that?" 
     "I won't until Germany comes back."
     [Name] snarled at the mention of Germany, and she quickly pulled out the keys out of her pocket with great speed. Inserting it into the hole, the metal door slammed open, making a few pieces of the cold ceiling come down. [Name] pushed the door violently, and it closed with a deafening sound. "Germany," she said with venom dripping each letter. 
     The name. That name was always mentioned. Germany this, Ludwig that. The same name nearly every sentence. Why not her name?! Why not Ti amo, [Name]! or help me [Name]! "NO!" she shouted in disgust. "It's always Germany! Why not me, not that him?! You always call for him, not me!"
     Germany. [Name] wanted to make that name get barely mentioned by the Italian. More [Name], less Germany. Poison that name out of Italy. She loved him more than that Ludwig did. Loved Italy with all her heart. But, he won't accept it. Didn't notice her feelings for him. She was the one that gave Feliciano the letters of secret affection. He got scared of the letters.
     As the letters continued to come, each one had something more scary. A dead rose, then ashes. Hair, then eventually red letters. [Name] would always watch in the distance as Felicano would open it, and she would become filled with happiness as she saw his scared face. She expected for him to run to her, but it was Germany. 
     [Name] grabbed Italy's wrist, and yanked him up. "Why Germany? Why not me? I love you, more than him!" she spat in his face. Feliciano flinched violently, and his eyes were snapped closed in fear. [Name] smirked, seeing him like this. 
     "I-I don't like you [Name]!" he said timidly. "G-Germany doesn't act like you! H-he's nicer!"
     Italy's eyes widened, feeling something hit his face with great force, he was sent back to the wall, and he slid helplessly to the ground. Blood dripped down his chin, and he wiped it away. She. . . she hit me, he thought. 
     "I've been nice like him! I don't shout at you! I help you out of training!" [Name] shouted. "Did he do that?! No, he forced you to train!"
     "H-he said it's because he cared for me! Germany wanted me to get stronger! I wanted to get stronger too," Italy shot back, words getting quieter the more he talked. "So, I could protect him."
     "I could protect you," [Name] murmured. "I could make you strong. . ."
     [Name] pulled out a small pistol, which was the one Germany had on him all the time. Only three bullets were left in the pack, for that the others were used on her. [Name] was too fast though, she dodged them all, and inflicted blows on the German instead. Each one making her joyful, another obstacle gone. [Name] had a straight face as she readied the gun. 
     She aimed it at Italy. "Like this. . ."
     The sound of the gun being shot echoed, and a spark of light emitted from the small muzzle. Italy yelped loudly, and prepared for the bullet to hit him. 

     He felt something fly past his right ear, and hit the wall beside him. The sound made his ear ring loudly. Feliciano moved to the side, and stared at the wall he was once leaning on. 
     A hole was right beside where his head was, steam coming out of it. He then snapped his head towards [Name], who had a crazy grin on. Steam also came out the muzzle, and she blew it away with a small puff of air. She chuckled darkly, and cocked it again. "You look so cute when your scared Italy," she commented. "Your fear is cute, but I still want to see that smile. 
     "You want to become strong? Overcome your fear."
     [Name] now stood in front of Italy, and aimed the pistol at his head. She had a sad smile on, and Italy whimpered in fear. The sadness became amusement to her, and she pulled the gun away. "See? Cute."
     She began to walk away, and Italy sighed silently to himself. Just as he was about to calm down, [Name] quickly was back at his side, and he felt his head get slammed on the wall. He shouted in pain, and a laugh followed. Something was pressed against his forehead, and blood could be felt on the back of his head and face. 
     "I want to see that smile. I'll choke it out of you if I have to."
     "I don't. . ."
     [Name] grabbed his neck, and she could hear Italy gasp. Her hands slowly tightened each minute, and a Cheshire grin was happily on her lips. Eyes gleamed with hunger for blood, and tears lingered on the hazel ones. Italy began to cough, and he grabbed [Name]'s wrists with his hands, and tried to pry it off of him. They only tightened. 
     Italy said nothing as black dots danced in his vision, and the grip on his throat got tighter and tighter. He instead smiled, which [Name] didn't seem to notice. She was blinded by the hunger. 
     At least. . . I get to see Germany. . . 

Readers discretion is advised.
Violence/gore. Not that much. 

Angst, angst. 
Bad mood, so I wrote this to torture you guys. Have fun with it.
Me killing him off doesn't mean I don't like him, I like the countries, all of them.
Feels in here?

:iconsexyitalyplz: and :iconsexygermany6plz: belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
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Ah! Another thing: "Germania, per favore non morire! (germany please, don't die ) is the correct form to say that
I know this because I'm Italian.
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I read the description first. Bad Mood, So I Wrote This To Torture You Guys was the first thing that caught my attention. I literally smirked and I said, "This is gonna be good." that bad?
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Great job!~

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:iconsobplz: R.I.P Germany R.I.P. Italy
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